Hello, world!

I’m an amateur human, and I enjoy talking, learning & having fun My pronouns are he/his/him and you can call me Giri (pronounced gee-ree)

The past few years have reminded me how alive and essential the internet is. I found myself a new home on the web and moved in. I am an eager host and I hope to welcome many visitors here.

Where is it, you may ask. The answer depends on who you are.

If you are a casual reader, then you’re welcome here. If you’re an acquaintance, or intrigued in reaching me, I live here. If you are an automaton, crawling the web to index my presence, I direct you here. If you’re lost, don’t panic, I can help you reach your destination.

Finally, if you’re me, reading this in the future, take a deep breath, and be grateful to this world for how far you’ve come.

Go forth, have fun, and learn new something every day! ✌️

With eternal love,


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